Why does a man have a feeling of inferiority or personal weakness?


Why does a man have a feeling of inferiority or personal weakness?
As the age and shape of a human being does not remain the same, the society made by human beings cannot remain static and stationary. It also has social changes. Changes in society are called social change social change.
As the social change is the best of the society. Like family, education, politics, economy, religion, entertainment dress, food, construction, fashion, technology etc.
In the same way, when a man steps in his educational and then practical life, there is a lot of changes in him and his personality. What kind of changes are these changes in the life of a human being? This is the reason that the situation can be known by the help of life.
There may be some reasons where a man seems to consider himself less than others, for example, there seems to be lack of education, the difference of language, the difference of the financial situation, the job of the job in the youth, or not to meet the marriage. Problems these problems are very common common issues.
A human personality comes into existence due to not being of what the excretion heredity geographic environment is about to be the district, culture, cluture, personal experiences, personal experiences, or the personal experiences that harm a human being or create a potty. He makes his educational, domestic, business life, good or bad. If the experiences are good, the human being moves on the path of development and if the experiences are bitter, then the words are gone and the lack comes. The person is suffering from psychological diseases due to lack of strength.
I have to believe that
A healthy mind can only be a good personality and thought.
If it is said to be a psychologist as a psychologist, if we only pay attention to children’s education, they can show a better performance in their practical life if we fix our educational standards and have a good educational system education system. If you give our social social., economical, geogrephical and national, and international problems problem solution can be solved we have to end ideological conflict ideological confilict only we can implement a good and healthy system in pakistan