Yesterday Two resident doctors of IMS BHU were beaten up brutally near Special ward of SSH hospital


Yesterday Two resident doctors of IMS BHU were beaten up brutally near Special ward of SSH hospital. The incident took place on 3rd Nov 1:30pm. When they were going to special ward to see their patients. Five people on two bikes stopped and asked for stethoscope. The residents denied; after which the goons snatched the stethoscope and started beating the residents. One of them shouted" ye wai CCU wala doctor hai". They whipped them with stethoscope; threw stones at them. This went on for approx 10-15mins after which they flew away comfortably. There were no guard and the patients attendant stood as mute spectators. Both the residents have sustained injuries. One of them suffered from Rt. Ear bleed and traumatic preparation of tympanic membrane with several abrasions and contusions. The other fellow resident also suffered injury behind ear.

This is what society have to give us in return. Verbal assaults are so very common that it has become a daily routine; but grivious hurt as this cannot be tolerated. Why do we always have to face this? Why cant our govt. And administration take strict actions? Why?
Cant we stand United just for once? Are we waiting for our turn?

We demand that All the culprits involved in this incident should be identified and booked under MPA and other relevant IPCs . They should be permanently suspended from the academic courses and hostels. We will be on indefinite strike w.e f 4th Nov till our demands are fullfilled.
MAMC supports IMS, BHU.

Nothing can happen to the Dr community bcz we r not united. Everyone think abt self . No any technical degree come under consumer court but Dr are. No other profession is responsible for criminal negligence Bt Dr are. No any other fraternity got beaten more than Dr but wht we did nothing.