10 Best ways to hold the baby

10 Best ways to hold the baby.

Whether you’re young parents holding their child or a proud parent wanting to cuddle the new addition to the family, it’s very important to learn how to hold a baby. There are different ways to hold a baby, in your arms or in front of you, depending on how you want to interact with him. Just remember that you must above all be calm and safe before taking the baby in your arms, so that he can relax before you take it.

  1. Be calm and confident before you take the baby. Babies feel easily if you’re uncomfortable or pissed off. Just relax. Although you had to be very careful, babies are not as fragile as we think.

  2. Hold the baby’s head in one arm and support his butt with the other. The head of a newborn is by far the heaviest part of his anatomy, you have to give the necessary support to his neck. Normally, you’ll hold his head with one hand. Hold the rest of his body in your other arm. Do this while supporting his head in your hand.

  3. Take it against your chest. By holding the baby close to your chest, you allow him to rest his head. Babies are naturally comforted by the beat of your heart. Your right hand and right arm should support the majority of the baby’s weight, while your left hand supports and protects her head and neck.
    Make sure that the baby’s head is turned to the side so he can breathe.

  4. Enjoy this moment shared with the baby. Holding a baby in your arms is an absolutely soothing moment, both for you and for him. It’s a great time to sing him a lullaby, tell him a story or have fun while waiting for his next meal, nap or change her diaper. You’ll have to change arms every once in a while. When you do this, don’t forget to always hold the baby’s head.
    Listen to your baby. Every baby has their preferences for how they prefer to be held. If your baby is crying or not staying quiet, try holding it different.

  5. Hold it against the world. This is a perfect method for curious babies who want to see what’s going on around them. Here’s what you need to do: Let your baby’s back rest against your chest so that her head is supported;
    put an arm under his butt;
    put the other arm around his body;
    make sure his head has the necessary support against your chest;
    if you’re sitting, place the baby on your lap, you won’t have to put a hand under his butt.

  6. Hold him on his stomach. This is a great position to calm your baby down if he doesn’t keep quiet. Place your baby’s body against your hip. Place your baby’s right side against your left hip for example so that the baby can see in front of him.
    Use the arm on the free hip side to support the baby’s back and butt.
    You can use your free hand to support the baby’s legs, her butt or any part of the body that needs support. You can also feed it with that hand or do something else (as long as you don’t have to use the hand to carry it).
    This way of holding it is very practical, especially if you have to do something else. It may take time to master, put your safety first.

7-In your arms. This is the most common way to hold a baby. This is a great solution to look the baby in the eye. It’s a natural and simple way to hold your baby. This is also the easiest way to hold a baby swaddled. Here’s how to do it.
To hold your baby, start by dropping him on a flat surface and take it by placing one hand under the head and neck and the other under his butt and hips.
Spread your fingers as much as possible so you can lift it up to your chest and give it all the necessary support.
Slowly slide the hand that supports the head and neck along its back, so that the head and neck can slip along your arm to be in the bottom of your arm.
Leave the other hand where she is and hold her hips and butt.
Hold the baby close to your body and swing it nicely if you want

8-Stand the face of you. This is a great way to interact with your baby. Here’s how you should do it:
put a hand behind your baby’s head and neck;
put the other hand under his butt;
hold the baby in front of you, right under your chest;
smile and make faces at your adorable baby.

9-Hold it on the stomach. This is a great position to calm your baby down if he doesn’t keep quiet. Here’s how you should do it:
place your baby’s head and chest on your arm;
get your baby’s head turned and rest in the hole of your arm;
tap or rub your baby’s back with your free hand;
make sure your baby’s head and neck are well supported all the time

10-Hold it like a balloon. This method is very practical to give him the breast, you can hold him so standing or sitting. Here’s how to do it.
Place a hand under your baby’s head and neck and place the rest of his back inside the arm of the hand holding his head. You can use the other hand to maintain his head as long as you settle down. Always make sure you support his head and neck enough.
Wrap your baby around your body, her legs behind your back.
Keep the baby close to your chest or size.
Use your free hand to feed the baby or to support her head.