100% success in residency matching in USA for our clients following the great success in CARMS

100% success in residency matching in USA for our clients following the great success in CARMS. . It is easy to match those with great scores, young and great extracurricular, but we pride ourselves more when we match the unmatchable. When we hear did you match … I thought he /she will never match . The secret work hard, support them and work even harder when they want to renounce. It did not mater if they did not match the year before, or if the did not pass the step 2 from the first attempt. We work with you all the way until you matchSo thrilled for all our CSAs and IMGs whom we helped with CV, statements, interview prep, exam prep who matched in ERAS…Just started to receive news ! ALex from DO Arizona, sooooooooo proud of you!!! so happy for you!!! And how nice of you to always send us your friends for med school aplication, for DO, for dentistry, for courses for USMLE, for interviews , for everything we offer …every time we received a referral from and we helped them get in, I thought of you and how happy I would be when YOU match and we can call you with pride Dr. Falahi!!! and Simin from one of our best partner med school in Caribbean!! such a gracious ,determined talented person! ! She just started a wonderful campaign against COVID19! So proud of Jasmin from another Caribbean medical school partner school ! YOu will be such an amazing doctor!..waiting to share with you more successes, but now some advice for those who need SOAP
I matched!! Thank you so much Dr.Silverman for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you. Jasmin
As I have natched ( not sure where or what programs yet psych , FM or IM) I wanted to thank you so much for all the work you have done for me and I’m forever grateful.Sincerely, Alex F

…SOAP is such a terrific chance for all …see below : Shortly, SOAP candidates will be able to search, select and submit applications to programs
–but, do not rush to apply immediately. Rushing could lead to choosing the wrong programs or making mistakes while selecting supporting documents.

For example, if you were to send your Family Medicine personal statement to an Internal Medicine Program by mistake, it would cost you one of your precious 45 applications. The same is true for assigning the wrong Letters of Recommendation as well!

Additionally, it would be a huge mistake to apply to programs with requirements that you do not meet, such as visa requirements, time since graduation cutoffs, USMLE scores and more.

Once you press “Submit,” your choices are permanent and cannot be taken back. It makes no difference whether or not you apply right at 12 p.m. (EST) or just before 3 p.m. (EST) when ERAS will release submitted applications to residency programs. With this in mind, take the opportunity to research your Unfilled Programs List more effectively and efficiently