10million Cancer detected Why cancer?

10million Cancer detected
Why cancer?

Cancer is a critical health and human issue. Today, 9.6 million people each year will die from cancer. Making it the second-most deadly disease. Yet, at least one third of cancers can be prevented. This gives us all every reason to act.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Together, we will change that. The most urgent issues in cancer

Awareness, understanding, myths and misinformation

Increased awareness and accurate information and knowledge can empower all of us to recognise early warning signs, make informed choices about our health and counter our own fears and misconceptions about cancer.
Government action and accountability

Proactive and effective actions on national health planning are possible and feasible in every country, and when governments step up efforts to reduce and prevent cancer, they place their nations in a stronger position to advance socially and economically.
Prevention and risk reduction

At least one third of cancers are preventable giving us every reason to champion healthy choices and prevention strategies for all, so that we have the best chance to prevent and reduce our cancer risks.
Equity in access to cancer services

Life-saving cancer diagnosis and treatment should be equal for all – no matter who you are, your level of education, level of income or where you live in the world. By closing the equity gap, we can save millions of lives.
Financial and economic burden .
Reducing the skills gap

Skilled and knowledgeable healthcare workers are one of the most powerful ways we can deliver quality cancer care
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