A 36-year-old woman comes to the office after a month of almost daily

A 36-year-old woman comes to the office after a month of almost daily, bandlike headaches, dizziness , and fatigue. She has
experienced irritability, inability to concentrate, and poor sleep of the same duration. Prior to the onset, she had an accident at work; a
box fell on her head, and she lost consciousness briefly The patient was taken to an emergency department and all tests were
normal, so she was discharged She has had no nightmares or flashbacks of the event She has no known medical problems She
drinks 1-2 glasses of wine every evening but does not use tobacco or illicit drugs The patient is afebrile. Blood pressure is 125/85
mm Hg and pulse is 76/min. Cardiopulmonary and abdominal examinations are unremarkable. She appears anxious but her
neurologic evaluation including attention and memory is normal. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

  • QA Acute stress disorder
  • 0 B. Delayed subdural hematoma
  • 0 C. Factitious disorder
  • 0 D. Korsakoff syndrome
  • 0 E. Postconcussive syndrome
  • 0 F Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • 0 G. Somatic symptom disorder

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Key E
Tromatic brian injury may leading to postconcussive syndrome… which clinically presents with :
Headache, confusions, difficulty concentration, amnesia, vertigo , mood alterations, sleep disturbance and anxiety