A 60yo woman presented to OPD with dysphagia

A 60yo woman presented to OPD with dysphagia. No hx of weight loss or heartburn. No change

in bowel habits. While doing endoscopy there is some difficulty passing through the LES, but no

other abnormality is noted. What is the single most useful inv?

a. CXR

b. MRI

c. Esophageal biopsy

d. Esophageal manometry

e. Abdominal XR

Q. 1. What is the key?

Q. 2. What is the diagnosis?

Q. 3. What is the treatment.

D. esophageal manometry

Achalasia cardia

Endoscopic balloon dilatation, botulinum toxin, CCB, Heller’s cardiomyotomy.