A child was playing and suddenly developed breathlessness . What is the best investigation?

A 23 year old lady was prescribed with Azithromycin 1gm for her chlamydial pelvic infection. She has got a new boyfriend for the last 2 months. She has recently started contraception to avoid conception. Which of the following contraception method will be affected by Azithromycin?

A. Barrier
B. Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD)

A child was playing and suddenly developed breathlessness . What is the best investigation ?

A. Nasal endoscopy
B. Lateral neck X-ray
C. CT scan
D. Pulse oximetry
E. Spirometry

A young woman on COCP has been prescribed amoxicillin for sinusitis . What should be the advice given to her ?

A. Increase dose of OCPS
B. Reduce dose of amoxicillin
C. Use barrier methods for 2 weeks
D . No extra precautions needed
E. Barrier methods only if patient develops diarrhoea

A man has a habit of checking the locks of his house again and again . He tries to resist but he has palpitations . What is the most appropriate management ?

A. CBT + Flouxetine
C. FLouxetine

A 24 year old college student presents with nausea , vomiting , headache , neck stiffness and a fever of 38.4. What is the most appropriate antibiotic to be started

A. Cefotaxime
B. Penicillin
C. Gentamicin
D. Tazobactam
E. Meripenem
F. Rifampicin

Workers recently exposed to radiation after a blast in a nuclear power plant, but they looks normal, no signs of specific findings after examination whats the management?
A-Keep them isolated
B-Discard their cloths
C-Only reassure them that they are fine
D-Give 2 aspirin and discharge

After eating a cookie at a garden party, a child began to cough and went blue. The mother also
noticed that there were swollen patches on the skin. What is the initial management?

a. OTC antihistamine
b. Oxygen
c. Bronchodilators
d. Epinephrine IM

49 year old woman complains of itchy blisters which are occurring in groups on her knees and elbows. The itchiness is unbearable and she wants to commit suicide. The condition responded to 180mg dapsone. Dx?

A psoriasis
B hyperthyroidism
C diabetes mellitus
D borrelia burgdorferi infection
E measles

A 25year old pregnant woman has a slight increase in vaginal discharge with vulval itching. Her partner has recent balanitis. What is the single most likely diagnosis?
B-Cervical polyp
C-Cervical carcinoma
E-Atrophic Vaginitis

A fit 55 yr old man, recurrent episodes of seeing visible veins on his body which are tender, he has started to lose weight and attributes this to diarrhea, consultant dermatologist thinks he has thrombophlebitis migrans. Most likely association?

A liver disease
B measles
C hypogonadism
D coeliac
E carcinoma head of pancreas

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Anti-endomysial IgA sensitivity and specificity for celiac disease is

22-year-old man who travelled back from Africa presented with abdominal pain , headache , malaise , Temp: 39.5 c , BP: 120/80 , Pulse : 65 bpm , what is the best Rx for this patient ?

A. Ciprofluxacin
C. Chloramphinicol

A 6m child presents with fever and cough. His mother has rushed him to the ED asking for help.
Exam: temp=39C and the child is feeding poorly. Dx?
a. Bronchiolitis
b. Asthma
c. Bronchitis
Ans. The key is A. Bronchiolitis.