A couple went to the emergency room With pain in the tummy and met the doctor in the ER

A couple went to the emergency room
With pain in the tummy and met the doctor in the ER

'How can I help you, Ma’am and Sir?

‘Doc, I’m five months pregnant, and I have unbearable pain in the tummy.’

'What is the reason for the pain? doc asked while noting down the points.

‘You’re the doc here, how should we know,’ the husband replied, little annoyed.

‘Sorry, usually people have some Googled diagnosis, that’s why I asked. Sorry for making any annoyance to you.’

‘It’s okay doc, she’s in real pain, please do something,’ hubby replied regaining his composure.

'What should I do? Doc asked innocently.

‘You could check me and find the reason, doc,’ she replied with masked irritation.

‘Sorry ma’am recently a lady went to a bone specialist with backache problem, and when he tried to touch her back, she lodged a complaint against him for molestation. So, unfortunately, I cannot examine you unless you bring a court order permitting me to examine you,’ doc shrugged his arms to show his helplessness.

The dazzled couple looked at each other.

‘Why can’t you do an ultrasound scan, and see if everything is normal?’ The exasperated husband pleaded.

‘Good suggestion, wow, and we have an ultrasound machine here too, but the caveat is that if I do a scan, I would be arrested for sex determination and our machine and hospital will be sealed. I’m very sorry,’ the doc shrugged his arms again in total dismay.

The couple took a deep sigh.

‘Please write some drugs for her, she’s in real pain, DOC,’ husband stood up from his chair angrily and almost tipped the chair over.

‘Branded or generics?’ Doc replied, keeping his cool.

‘How does it matter?’ The lady asked meekly, tired of pain, and exhaustion.

‘According to new amendments, I being a registered doc cannot write branded medicines, and we don’t have generic drugs here, so I’m helpless again.’

‘So what should we do?.’

‘You can go to any foreign counties of your choice like our politicians,’ doc replied while wearing a helmet anticipating a blow at his head.

‘Why can’t you just admit her?.’

‘I can; however, I won’t since film star TV anchors, movies and press will blame that, we make money by admitting, doing lab tests and putting on a ventilator, so we stopped admitting unless there’s a court order to admit.’ Doc said prepared to run away at the slightest of the cue. Many of his colleagues were attacked in the ER recently, and the government did nothing to protect the innocent docs yet.