A marker of Golgi apparatus

A marker of Golgi apparatus is

    1. Galactosyl transferase
    1. Acetyl CoA synthetase
    1. Pyruvate kinase
    1. Malonyl CoA

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Markers of Plasma membrane - 5 '-Nucleotidase, Adenylyl cyclase, Na<sup>+</sup>K<sup>+</sup> ATPase

Marker of Endoplasmic reticulum- Glucose-6-phosphatase

Markers of Golgi apparatus- GlcNAc transferase I, Golgi mannosidase II, Galactosyl transferase, Sialyl transferase

Marker of Mitochondria- ATP synthase, Glutamate dehydrogenase

Marker of Peroxisome- Catalase

Marker of Cytosol- LDH