A master's test on his students!

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:rose: A master’s test on his students! :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:
When we were a medical student, we had a teacher in the heart department who was one of our best teachers. He tried to teach us a new point every chance he got and transferred his knowledge to us in the best way possible. He put us in the bush of experience and action at the right opportunities.

On the first days of the section, he took us to the balin of a young man who was newly admitted. After greeting and paying tribute, he said to him: If you allow, these colleagues of mine should also examine your heart. The young man also accepted. Then he turned to us and said: Listen to this patient’s heart carefully and write everything you hear on the piece of paper and give me. The Master’s opinion that he used this method was that if one of us was wrong, he would not be ashamed of others.

Each of us examined the sick heart in turn and wrote our opinion on paper and gave it to the master.

We were all willing to know whether our diagnosis was correct or not?..
The master saw and read our writings. The answers were different. One pointed to a heart rate increase, one to its irregular rhythm, one said the pulse were natural, one heard a weak gallop rhythm, one said the patient was fat and the vague sounds are heard and one to have extra noise in One of the centers pointed out.

The Master was silent for a few moments and looked at us, we were waiting for him to introduce one of those writings that was more correct. But surprisingly the master said: Unfortunately, all of this is wrong and continues while the only paper left in his right hand: the only paper that can be close to the truth is the paper that is the author of no doubt He is an honest human being who can be a doctor in the future. I will read his writing, judge yourself.

We were all listening to the master to read the correct writing.
He said: In this paper, unfortunately, I can’t hear a sound due to my lack of experience and continues to look at our surprising eyes: I don’t know while this patient has dexterocardy, and his heart is on the right side, you How have you heard so many different sounds on the left side of her chest?..
My good kids, since you’re a student, know that not diagnosis is a problem, but misconception based on a wrong examination is a big fault and can be dangerous for the patient. In medicine, precision, honesty, patience and experience, they say the first word. Try not to make a wrong diagnosis for your patient or not to make a wrong decision for him.

We should have a fair diagnosis in every case we will have less judgement

The above story is a human lesson, and of course not only in medical science, but it is good to learn justice to make humanity flow in life.