A middle age male after myocardial infarction is feeling unwell

  1. A middle age male after myocardial infarction is feeling unwell. The ECG has been performed and shows a prolonged QRS complex and T wave is tented Sodium-136 mol/L
    Potassium- 6.2mmol/L, Urea- 5.0 mmol/L What is the most appropriate management?
    A. Calcium gluconate E. Calcium
    B. Calcium resonium
    C. Calcium with Vitamin D supplements
    D. Vitamin D

  2. A 56 year old female has come to the fracture clinic with a fall om her outstretched hand. she complains fo pain and swelling in her right forearm and she is unable to bear weight. You suspect fracture of her right upper forearm. What will be the best investigation to diagnose and to prevent recurrence?
    A. Dexascan
    B. CT scan
    C. MRI
    D. Full body xray

  3. A 35 years old male presented with purulent nasal discharge from one side with headache and fever, examination showed supra orbital and maxillary tenderness , what is the best diagnostic investigation?
    A. CT Scan
    B. MRI
    C. X-ray
    D. USG
    E. Swab for culture

  4. A patient has amenorrhea for last 6 months. Previously she was taking COCP pills. Her LH : FSH ratio is 1:1. What is the most probable diagnosis?
    A. Post pill amenorrhea
    B. PCOS
    C. Hypothalamic amenorrhea
    D. Premature ovarian failure

  5. A 49 year old woman presents to the Out Patient Clinic. Her oral glucose test, after 2 hours of glucose intake, versus plasma level in 2 different tests are 6mmol/L and 10mmol/L. This situation can be categorized as :
    A. Impaired glucose tolerance
    B. Impaired fasting glucose
    C. Diabetes Mellitus Type I
    D. Diabetes Mellitus Type II
    E. Metabolic syndrome

  6. A 32 year old woman has given birth 2 weeks ago to a healthy baby girl. She feels low in mood and feels she cannot care for the baby. She says the world does not have enough food to feed itself so she must not breastfeed her baby. She feels her husband is trying to poison the baby. What is the most likely diagnosis?
    A. Baby blues
    B. Post partum depression
    C. Post partum psychosis
    D. Delirium
    E. Mania

  7. A 29 year old who is 38 weeks pregnant presents with a two hour history of constant abdominal pain. She then passes 100ml of blood per vagina. On examination she has a rock hard uterus. What is the next appropriate investigation?
    A. Ultrasoundscan E. Kleihauer-Betke test
    B. Cardiotocograph
    C. Clotting screen
    D. Haemoglobin

  8. A 40 year old woman with breast cancer has back pain which keep her awake at night. She blames it on a gym session she had 2wks ago. She now has difficulty in climbing stairs. There is tenderness over the right thoracic spine. She has diminished fine touch and temp sensation in her right foot. What is the single most appropriate investigation?
    A. Bone density scan
    B. CT head
    C. MRI spine
    D. Nuclear bone scan
    E. XR thoraco lumbar spine

  9. A young man presents to Accident & Emergency Department with severe bloody diarrhoea, abdominal pain and haematuria after eating meat at a barbecue party. FBC reveals schistocytes,
    ↓platelets, ↓Hb. Clotting tests are normal. What is the most likely diagnosis?
    A. Autoimmune haemolytic anemia
    B. Paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria
    C. Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria
    D. Micro angiopathic haemolytic anemia
    E. ITP

  10. Patient having pansystolic murmur at apex radiating to the axilla on the next day after MI with low BP. What is the most likely cause?
    A. Ventricular aneurysm
    B. Papillary muscle rupture
    C. VSD
    D. Pericarditis
    E. Aortic stenosis