A patient presented with ataxia, nystamus and vertigo. Where is the likely location

Prenatal screening is recommended if ultrasound scan at 16 weeks confirms that the fetus is male and the mother has had an affected son previously. What is thesingle most likely
a. Cystic fibrosis
b. Epilepsy
c. Spina bifida
d. Turners syndrome
e. Down’s syndrome

A woman who had obstructed labour 3days ago suddenly develops left leg pain and swelling of the lt leg up to inguinal crease.
a)post phlebitis syndrome
b)Aorto-iliac thrombosis
d)Femoral embolus
e)Varicose veins

An 80 year old woman presents with a painful herpes zoster rash which appeared yesterday on her trunk. What is the single most appropriate management plan?
a. Acyclovir (intravenous)
b. Co-amoxiclav
c. Paracetamol (oral)
d. Dihydrocodeine (oral)
e. Prednisolone (oral)

A patient presented with ataxia, nystamus and vertigo. Where is the likely location
for the lesion in the brain?
a. Brain stem
c. Medulla oblongata
d. Cerebellopontine angle

A woman had a surgery for removal of a stone 110 hours ago with MRCP procedure. His post endoscopy status was good and normal and she now presents with jaundice and a fever. What is responsible for her jaundice?
a. Infection
b. Cirrhosis
c. Retained stone
d. Peritonitis
e. Panceatitis

27 year old man presents with a 3 month history of heartburn and epigastric discomfort. His symptoms are exaggerated after meals especially if he eats spicy food. He takes no medications, doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. He exercises regularly and has an active lifestyle. On physical examination, he has slight epigastric tenderness. His routine lab tests are normal
What is the most appropriate intervention at this time?
A- Barium swallow
B- Esophageal manometry
C- 24-hour pH monitoring
D- Upper endoscopy
E- Trial of a proton-pump inhibitor

Patient had a fall and X ray showed peri-lunate fracture. Most apprpriate management?

A. Bandage and discharge
B. X ray wrist scaphoid view
C. Isotope scan
D Refer to ortho doctor immediately
E. Reassure

A 40 yr old man with asthma is tx with maximum dose of inhaled medications but he still gets breathlessness . What is the single most appropriate management ?
A. Oxygen
B. Oral steroid
C. Oral aminophylline
D. Antibiotics
E. Continue same tx

what is the most common route of colonic metastasis to liver?
b- lymphatics
c-local invasion
d- peritoneal seeding

Sudden headache in a woman,smoker with history of migraine,ct:normal,neurological signs are normal.What is the next step?
a)reassure/do nothing
b)lumber puncture

immunocompromised pt with pneumocystic carini pneumonia.What is the treatment of choice?
c)amphotericin B

A 32 yr old woman who had normal cervical screening last yr presents with intermenstrual bleeding.What investigation will you carry out?
b)transvaginal USS
c)CT abdomen
d)Cervical smear
e)Endometrial biopsy

A man suddenly feels pain at his rt ankle joint while undergoing his usual activity.there is a swelling at the back of his leg.However,he can planter flex and still bear weight on the foot.What structure is likely affected?
a)calcaneofibular ligament
b)achilles tendon
c)posterior tibialis tendon
d)posterior talofibular ligament

A pt presents with gradual onset of headache, neck stiffness, photophobia and fluctuating LOC. CSF shows lymphocytosis but no organism on gram stain. CT brain is normal. What is the single most likely dx?
a. Hairy leukoplakia
b. TB
c. CMV infection
d. Candida infection
e. Cryptococcal infection

A 14 year old boy had both tibial and fibular shaft fracture. After analgesia,plaster is applied. After sometime he complains of pain. Most appropriate mgmt?
A. Remove plaster
B. Nsaids
C. Doppler USG
D. Check pulses
E. Reassure

A 70 year old woman presents with shortness of breath. On examination has
unilateral basal crepitations. She had pleural tap, which showed Protein of 42g/l from the pleural. She is otherwise fit and well. She is a non smoker. What is the single most likely diagnosis?
a. Benign ovarian tumour
b. Bronchial carcinoma
c. Congestive heart failure
d. Hepatic cirrhosis
e. Renal failure

A 30-year-old lady who already has one child through a previous caesarean section demands a reversible contraceptive. She presently experiences heavy and
painful periods.What is the most appropriate contraceptive you will recommend for her?
a.Combined oral contraceptive pill
b. Progesterone only pill
c. Danazol
d. Mirena coil

A 26 year old woman has one child and wishes to gain advice about a reliable method of contraception. She does not wish to have any chemicals in her body. She has
heavy period with dysmenorrhoea. Her husband refuses etc use a condom. What is the single most appropriate prescription/treatment?
a. Intra-uterine
contraceptive device (IUCD)
b. Diaphragm
c. Male sterilization
d. Abstinence
e. Mirena coil