A silly question to the Dermatologists and Radiologists out here

A silly question to the Dermatologists and Radiologists out here… During pgt days, a radiologist has to study more or a dermatologist? I feel like radiologist though…

Idk the answer but as a MD resident i can say it depends hw much tym u get to study…As i hardly beleives that in 1st yr PG any resident got tym to study they have only duty and duty and in 2nd yr also same situation.!!! Only 3rd year is some hw studyable that too coz of exams.

Ok Are radiologist really needed to work for 18-19 hrs with night shifts in Delhi?

It may differ from place to place… here, load is more and dey are working day n night…

tudy is a mountain in radiology, u have to be good in all branches for being a radio

Is dermatology better than all other branches to be chossen over them?

there is no criteria to say if it’s better than all other branches…but life’s easy in derma… I’m first year and still usually work 6 hours on most days…get plenty of time to study

And can any resident of radio and derma tell us that at if they have ever regreted to take them and want to take some thing else. If so why? And what?