About tetanus true is a/e

  1. About tetanus true is a/e
    A.Heat resisitant spores B.3 doses of vaccine to be given for primary prevention
    C. Incubation period period 6-10 days D.Person to person transmission does not occur
    1. Ans. B.3 doses of vaccine to be given for primary prevention

  2. A farmer from Himachal Pradesh presents with small ulceron leg.After few days he developed a
    swelling in the inguinal region which later ulcerated. What stain can be used to detect bipolar stained
    A. Albert’s stain B. Waysons stain C. Ziehl Neelson staining D.MacFadyean’s stain
    2. Ans. B. Waysons stain

  3. Vectors does not transmits infection by -
    A. Ingestion B.Regurgitation C. Rubbing of infected feces D. Contaminated body fluids
    3. Ans. A. Ingestion

  4. All are factors responsible for resurgence of malaria except
    A. Drug resistance B. Use of bed nets C. vector resistance D. Development of newer strains of parasite
    4. Ans. B. Use of bed nets

  5. Regarding Leptospirosis.True is-
    A.Rats are only reservoir B.Fluroquinolones are drug of choice
    C.Person to person transmission D. Oro fecal transmission
    5. Ans. A.Rats are only reservoir

  6. Fungus causing infection in immunocompetent individuals is-
    1.Aspergillus 2.Penicillium 3.Cryptococcus 4. Candida
    6. Ans. 4. Candida

  7. A 7 month old child presents with history of bouts of cough ending with a
    whoop.Immunization history is not available. What is the best way to confirm the diagnosis?
    A. Nasophayngeal swab B. Cough plate culture C. Tracheal aspirate D. Oral swab
    7.Ans. A. Nasophayngeal swab

  8. Aflatoxin is produced by?
    A. Aspergillus flavus B. Aspergillus niger C. Candida albicans D.Actinomycetes
    8. Ans. A. Aspergillus flavus

  9. The polysaccharide capsule of following bacteria have no role in their infectivity-
    A. Neisseria meningitidis B. Pneumococcus C. Bordetella pertussis D. Haemophilus influenza
    9 Ans. C. Bordetella pertussis

  10. About Campylobacter jejuni false is-
    A.Most common pathogenic strain to cause campylobacteriosis in india B.Polutry is main source of infection
    C.Humans are only reservoir D.Associated with GBS
    10. Ans. C.Humans are only reservoir

  11. Which virus among the following is least likely to cross placenta?
    A. Rubella B. Herpes simplex C. HIV D. HBV
    11. Ans. B. Herpes simplex

  12. About yaws all are true except:
    A. Caused by Treponema pertenue B. Transmitted non-venerally
    C. Secondary yaws can involve bones & joints D. Late stages involve heart and nerves
    12. Ans. D. Late stages involve heart and nerves

  13. ‘C’ in C reactive protein stands for:
    A. Capsular polysaccharide in pneumococcus B. Concanavalin-a C. Calretinin D. Cellular
    13. Ans. A. Capsular polysaccharide in pneumococcus

  14. A young lady presents with fever, dysuria and pain in lower abdomen. Uncomplicated acute
    cystitis was diagnosed. Which among the following is not true?
    A. Nitrate test positive for urine sample
    B. E.coli colony count < 10^3 bacteria /ml
    C. 1 pus cell per 7 fields in wet film of patients urine
    D. 1 bacilli per oil immersion field in gram stained urine sample.
    14. Ans. B. E.coli colony count < 10^3 bacteria /ml

  15. All are true about Parvovirus except?
    A. <10 % spread by transplacental route B. Spread by respiratory route
    C. It is a DNA virus D. Affects erythroid progenitor cells
    15. Ans. A. <10 % spread by transplacental route

  16. Sterile pyuria is present in?
    A. Renal tuberculosis B. Chronic hydronephrosis C. Wilm’s tumour D. Neuroblastoma
    16. Ans. A. Renal tuberculosis

  17. Visceral larva migrans is seen in?
    A. Strongyloides stercoralis B. Ankylostoma duodenale C. Toxocara canis D. Ascaris lumbricoides
    17. Ans. C. Toxocara canis

  18. Following are true about carbohydrate antigen except?
    A. Memory B. Poly clonal response C. Highly immunogenic D. T cell independent immunity
    18. Ans. A. Memory

  19. An elderly male presents with chestpain & cough with expectoration since 15 days. The
    bacterium obtained from sputum grows on blood agar & shows gram positive cocci. Which is most
    useful test to identify organism?
    A. Bile solubility B. Bacitracin sensitivity C. Catalase test D. oxidase test
    19. Ans. A. Bile solubility

  20. A female presents with signs of meningitis. CSF shows gram positive bacilli. Most likely
    organism is ?
    A. Listeria B. Haemophilus influenzae C. Pneumococcus D. Pseudomonas
    20. Ans. A. Listeria

  21. A Young boy comes with history of fever and cough since two weeks.He has reduced appetite &
    weight loss.He is also a known case of congenital heart disease ,for which he has taken prophylaxis of
    penicillin.Sputum examination is normal,however bronchoscopic lavage cultured on sheep blood agar
    howed evidence of gram positive,aerobic,weakly acid fast branching filaments. What is likely
    A. Actinomycosis B. Nocardiosis C. Aspergillus D. Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    21. Ans. B. Nocardiosis

  22. Late onset endophthalmitis after intraocular lens implantation is most commonly caused by?
    A. Staphylococcus epidermidis B. Pseudomonas C. Streptococcus pyogenes D. Propionibacterium acnes
    22. Ans. D. Propionibacterium acne

  23. A sewer worker presented with fever. Lab findings revealed renal failure with increased BUN
    and serum creatinine. What is the most appropriate drug to give him?
    A. Cotrimoxazole B. Erythromycin C. Ciprofloxacin D.Benzyl penicillin
    23. Ans. B. Erythromycin

  24. False about pneumococcus is?
    A. Capsule aids in virulence B. Commonest cause of otitis media and pneumonia
    C. Least likely cause of meningitis D. It is bile sensitive
    24. Ans. C. Least likely cause of meningitis

  25. False about C.diphtheriae is?
    A. Toxin production is chromosome mediated B. Damage by toxin production
    C. Toxic to heart and neurons D.More common in children
    25. Ans. A. Toxin production is chromosome mediated