After 9 years of relationship isn't that responsibility of the other person to accompany counselling

Just asking for a friend …after 9 years of relationship isn’t that responsibility of the other person to accompany counselling ad travelling whenever their partner need them

Ask that friend to put post, I will talk to him/her directly

Not necessarily, depends upon the partner’s work schedule.

First tell me are you a boy or a girl? I have been wondering this for quite a while now…

No, it’s not mandatory, depends on place of joining, how far it is from your home, what is your partner current working status.

Will you be asking similar question when going to home?

No,we are self independent… depends on other one’s schedule and work.

One day you posted for weight issues, another day you posted for marriage issues, another day you posted about your parents not letting you work, now this.Is this platform a joke to you?Or are you that jobless mate?

And yes it is no one’s responsibility to carry you anywhere.You are a grown up man/woman, behave like one.

No. If they want to accompany you they can. There’s no moral or social obligation.

Guessig your name,your partner must be inicet aspirant. So yes no one cares about your silly issues

No. They can offer to accompany you and you can request them to accompany you. There’s no written law of responsibility regarding this.