AIIMS November 2010 Mcqs - part 2

  1. All of the following are true about Scalaneus anterior muscle EXCEPT:
    a. It is attached to the tubercle of second Rib
    b. It is anterior to the transverse cervical artery.
    c. It is pierced by the Phrenic nerve.
    d. It separates the subclavian vein from the subclavian artery.

  2. which of the vitamin deficiency lead to lactic acidosis
    a. riboflavin
    b. thiamine
    c. niacin
    d. panthotheic acid

  3. which one of the pair not correct :
    a. supportive care - acute viral hepatitis B
    b. antiviral drugs - chronic viral hepatitis B
    c. supportive care - chronic viral hepatitis B
    d. antiviral drugs - acute viral hepatitis B

  4. which of the following is maternally disomic
    a. klinefelter syndrome
    b. prader willi syndrome
    c. angelman syndrome
    d. turners

  5. 40 year old man met motor vehicle catastrophe came to hospital in an hour with severe maxillo facial trauma PR 120 / min BP - 100 / 70 mm hg spo2 - 80% with oxygen . which was the immediate management
    a. intravenous acess
    c. orotracheal intubation
    c. naso tracheal intubation
    d. tracheostomy