AIIMS PG Solved Paper 1999 (Part 13 of 20)

ANCA is not associated with which of the following diseases

  1. Wegener's granulamatosis

  2. Henoch Schonlein purpura

  3. microscopic PAN

  4. Churg Strauss syndrome

Answer: b

  • A child presents with a solitary white well defined patch of his right thigh. What is the diagnosis

    1. Piebaldism

    2. Nevus achromicus

    3. acral vitiligo

    4. albinism

    Answer: b

  • What is the best prognostic indicator of multiple myeloma at the time of diagnosis

    1. number of myeloma cells in the marrow

    2. beta2 microglobulin

    3. alkaline phosphatase level

    4. hyper calcemia

    Answer: b

  • What is the line of management of a case of moderate to severe hepatic insufficiency with portal hypertension, according to the modified Pugh's classification

    1. sclerotherapy

    2. orthotopic liver transplantation

    3. shunt surgery

    4. conservative

    Answer: b

  • A five year old male child presents with complaints of fever and abdominal distension. He is having vomiting for the last five days. On examination there are 6--8 pus cells/hpf in urine. WBC count shows 78% neutrophils. What is the best line of management

    1. send urine for culture and sensitivity and wait for results

    2. send for urine culture and sensitivity and start IV antibiotics immediately

    3. send urine for culture, do an USG and start choroquine

    4. none

    Answer: b

  • What is the treatment of choice in a pregnant lady having Plasmodium vivax infection

    1. chloroquine

    2. chloroquine + primaquine

    3. quinine

    4. chloroquine + pyrimethamine

    Answer: a

  • Which of the following is not a feature of idiopathic cholestasis associated with pregnancy

    1. serum bilirubin of 2 mg/dL

    2. serum alkaline phosphatase of 30 KAU

    3. SGPT of 200 units

    4. prolongation of prothrombin time

    Answer: c

  • A pregnant lady presents with fulminant hepatitis. Which of the following is the most likely causative agent

    1. Hepatitis A

    2. Hepatitis B

    3. Hepatitis E

    4. Hepatitis D

    Answer: c

  • A lady presents with complaints of hemoptysis. Her chest X ray appears to be normal. What is the next best investigation

    1. bronchoscopy

    2. High Resolution CT

    3. sputum cytology

    4. none

    Answer: a

  • A boy presents with one episode of painless gross hematuria. An excretory urogram showed a filling defect towards the lower renal infundibulum 1.5 cm in size. What is the next investigation to be done

    1. cystoscopy

    2. ultrasonography

    3. retrograde pyelography

    4. urine cytology

    Answer: b