Aipgmee preparation:

aipgmee preparation:
Anterior triangle -

Submental triangle mnemonic:
C: Chin is the apex
H: Hyoid bone is the base
IN: In between digastrics (Sides)

Digastric triangle mnemonic:
M: Mastoid and mandible is base.
A: Anterior
N: N (And) posterior belly of
D: Digastric

Carotid triangle mnemonic:
SO: Superior belly of Omohyoid
PD: Posterior belly of Digastric
FS: Front of Sternocleidomastoid

Muscular triangle mnemonic:
M: Median line of the neck
S: Superior belly of omohyoid
SC: Sternocleidomastoid

Posterior triangle -

Occipital triangle mnemonic:
“OCcipital Triangle”
O: Omohyoid
C: sternoCleidomastoid
T: Trapezius

Supraclavicular triangle mnemonic:
S: Sternocleidomastoid
C: Clavicle
O: Omohyoid