Alot of people are applying for GMC registration these days prematurely

Alot of people are applying for GMC registration these days prematurely. By that I mean

  1. Submitting application without reading what GMC guidelines are regarding internship, breaks, permissible leaves during internship, council registration, good standing certificate, GEN1 forms etc etc
  2. How to write and justify gaps
  3. Incomplete documents at the time of submitting application and letting GMC ask for more documents
  4. Getting frustrated by GMC replying for even single query in 5 days (which is clearly mentioned they might take 5 or even more days to respond).

My tips
1.Please make sure u ask ur peers to go through ur application before you submit. It hardly takes 3 to 4 mins
2. Submit and apply for GMC registration only when you have all documents in ur hand. Not before what is minimum requirement from GMC (1.EPIC verified degree, 2. open access to GMC to ur OET portal or valid IELTS , 3.internship certificates with start and end dates, 4. Good standing certificate 5. Passport copy and 6. Better to have GEN1 form/employment reference form (please Google it: GMC GEN1 form).
I myself got GMC registration within 48 hours. I gathered all documents and only thn applied on 19th March and GMC send me ID check invite on 21st March (at that time ID CHECK was compulsory, not now).picture below is an evidence