Alright, So NEET-PG 2022 is happening, Finally.!

Alright, So NEET-PG 2022 is happening, Finally.!

Some quick tips for last 24 hours from my side.

First and foremost is to have faith on your preparation & hardwork. BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE PREPARED WELL! Trust your class notes.

Don’t develop doubts about your preparation at the Nth hour. We have prepared you well!! 🤝

Sleep early tonight, don’t be awake till late tonight, it can distort your already ‘well established’ sleep cycle.

Good sleep before exam is very important. You would not want to mess it up just 24 hours before the exam.

Wake up a li’l early tomorrow to prime your body for the exam day so that you don’t end up feeling tired during the exam time.

Don’t study much today, keep your study schedule till 4 pm only, and then you can go on for a walk, or may be a short 25-30 minute excercise or can just sit in balcony and hear the bird chirp. This would release your lot of stress.

Next very important thing is to not to indulge in any telephonic conversations with friends at least till you are done with the exam. I understand many of you would be coming to a common city( NEET PG CENTRE) and may plan a get together post exam but this could result in losing of the focus. Remember that your prime target is to crack the exam, and not to have a get together. So, FOCUS ON EXAM UNTIL IT’S DONE.

Best is to keep your phone switched off.!

No Facebook, No social media, no WhatsApp.! Nothing but Just you with your own self.

Now, How to attempt the paper.?

There will be 200 MCQs to be done in 210 minutes.

Each MCQ is important. Your target should be to attempt anywhere above 170MCQs depending upon the difficulty level of the paper.

If the paper is very difficult, 160 plus should be fine.

If moderate, 185 plus. If easy, 190 plus. If very easy- 200

Always answer the question by RULING OUT the incorrect options and NOT BY picking out the correct option.

Even if you are able to eliminate one option, you can try for an educated guess.

If you are able to eliminate two options, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO LEAVE IT UNANSWERED. ATTEMPT IT!!

If you don’t have any idea about the question ( and given options), better to leave it. Don’t try for ‘a or b’ with four options.

With all these tips and tricks, i sign out with a hope and wish that you all will do well in NEET PG 2022.

The best wishes are always with you.

See you soon.!

Best of luck.!

U advise to keep away frm social media the day before xam and posting such beautiful tips in the end hour.