.also called toxic collitis

.also called toxic collitis…
ibd (uc/cd)pseudom.collitisinfective collitis by salmonella; shegella; copylobac.; cmv; rotavirua; entamebanon specific colitis sec to collagenous disease.*rarely as a complication of chemotherapy&behcets disease.*congenital hirschprung disease…
is based in history; physical exam.& investigations like conc; s.electrolytes rafts; coagulation panel; esr/crp.*immaging like plain film x-rays; ct-scanning…colonoscopy if pt is not severely toxic&inflammation is little in egmoid colon.
#diagnostic criteria…-
*colonic dilitation more than6cm in transverse colon radiographically
**3 of the followings:-
-fever more than101f
-pulse more than120b/m
-leucocytosis more than10; 5x10/ml.
-or anemia
*one of the followings:-
-altered mental state
-electrolyte imbalance -or

  • hypotension.
    *pm collitis
    *cmv collitis.
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