Always have zinc oxide cream to relieve baby's butt rash

Taking care of a little being for the first time in one’s life has a lot of stress. As my mom always told me: " A baby doesn’t come with the instructions manual tattooed on a butt…" But, fortunately, it’s learned!
So here are 15 tips from one mom to another!

  1. Always have zinc oxide cream to relieve baby’s butt rash.

  2. Make sure you hydrate the fragile baby skin enough so that it doesn’t dry. Choose a non-scented basic moisturizing cream.

  3. Always take baby temperature by a rectal way so that it is as accurate as possible. At less than 3 months old, a baby makes a fever if the temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celcius. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor immediately. An older baby will fever if the rectal temperature is 38,3 or higher.

  4. Always have acetaminophen for infants. This medicine will relieve baby in case of flu, cold and if he teeth. Be careful to respect the dose!

  5. In case of doubt about baby health, do not hesitate to call the Info-Health line at 8-1-1. The service is fast and courteous, 24 hours a day and this could save you a visit (and a long wait) at the clinic or emergency.

  6. Always have with snacks in the diaper bag. Because when baby is hungry, he Braille hard!

  7. Always bring a changing mat with yourself. Because you never know where we’ll change the next diaper…

  8. Wet wipes on hand at all times is a must. They are really multi-purpose. We use it to wash baby, pick up a little damage and even clean wax pencils on the walls!

  9. No need to buy bed edges and blankets during the first months of baby. We minimize choking risks. Instead, we use the to keep baby warm.

  10. When you go out in the sun, make sure that baby has a wide-edge hat, prefer places in the shade and minimize his sun exposure time when the sun is strong.

  11. It is very easy to make the purees with a mixer and a steam cooker. In addition to being economical, it allows us to control the quality of the foods that baby eats. Another thing to save: freeze the purees in ice cubes, then place them in a bag of plastic going to the freezer and close it tight. When baby starts eating purees, we take out a cube for a portion!

  12. It may be handy, but microwave heated milk is often warmer than one thought. To warm milk, we prefer bottle heater or marie bath, a more economical solution. A pan in which you heat water, it’s still a classic

  13. When baby is small, you need to sterilize bottles and nipples to avoid several viruses and infections, such as the. We can always use the good old method used by our parents and grandparents: boiling water pan. Otherwise, there is always the dishwasher that must have the cycle of washing and drying at high temperature. Another simple and very quick option: steam sterilization using an electric Sterilizer or microwave Sterilizer.

  14. Because the suck is like the stockings in the dryer, it disappears we don’t know where: make sure you have more than one at hand.

  15. And above all: don’t hesitate to ask for help. You’re not Superwoman. And those who will tell you they never felt they were going to lose patience are hypocrites!