Amazing reasons for smell in breath

Amazing reasons for smell in breath

Do you often face smell in the breath?
There are many reasons and elements, and some of your mistakes can be done.
Actually the smell in the breath is an unpleasant experience that is facing each one, like onion or garlic is the reason to eat it.
But there are some foods and disorders that cause the smell in the breath, which is below.

Don’t cleaning tongue with teeth

If the tooth is not brush daily, the ingredients of food remain in the mouth, which is the number of pesticides on the gum, the gum and the tongue that is the cause of smell in the breath. This is how the estrogen on the tongue There are big reason to smell in the breath, clear your language daily from the toothbrush or the language clean tool.

More protein foods

Yes, the use of gẖdẖạw̉ں full of protein is also the cause of smell in the breath and if you use more of such a gẖdẖạw̉ں, then the smell of smell is not surprising. The Estrogen in the mouth dissolve the estrogen that the unpleasant smell Happens.

Dry mouth

When your mouth is more dry, it reduces the spit and when saliva combustion is less then diet pieces and estrogen stay inside the mouth for more time, which is facing smell in the breath and from it The solution of salvation is also easy and he is the one who drink more water.

Soda or ạspạrḵlng water

Na3hco3co3· Drinks like soda or ạspạrḵlng water in the water is very much, the cause of phosphorus acid in them, according to a research, these drinks increase the acidity in the mouth, which is a result of the mouth dry, then estrogen and eating dust The breath becomes the cause of smell.


The Caffeine in coffee can be the cause to dry the mouth of the combustion and the increase of the estrogen in the mouth, which increases the risk of the smell in the breath, if there is a problem of smell in the breath, then it is the problem of the smell in the breath either Limited the use of hot drink or at least drink water after drinking it.

High blood sugar

More sweet food is harmful to teeth and as a result goes towards the top in blood sugar while saliva increases the level of glucose in combustion, which the estrogen of estrogen is faster and the possibility of smell in the breath Is especially in the victims of diabetes.

Sour fruit

Some sour fruit also increase the amount of estrogen in the mouth, they like estrogen sweet and this sweetness turns into acid and the risk of different infection with time increases.


A big reason for the smell in the breath can be ٹạnslz stone or pelting. This pelting of ٹạnslz is usually made with the dumping of the dumping in this gland, even in common situations, the ٹạnslz are filled with estrogen, dead cells and other content. The stuck garbage takes the shape of white cans with the garbage time, as a result of the breath. Its treatment is easy, just brush and gẖrạrے on teeth helps to remove this trapped dumping.

Nose problems

According to medical experts, people who often face flu flu or infection are also common.

Sensory I acidity

Those who are often in gastrointestinal or in the chest, the problem of the breath of breath is also common, which is why the return of acid and digestion is the return to the diet.

Lack of Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to exclude content in the body that cause smell in the breath. According to researchers, Vitamin C creates a cause and an incredible environment that ends the estrogen born in the mouth.

Dry Fruit

Dry Apricot, potato bkẖạrے or other fruits have a lot of Chinese and smell that are estrogen, while these fruits often remain secretly between the teeth, even the possibility of smell in breath increases, so these fruits Do blood and brush after eating.


Using milk and other dairy products can face the smell of breath, because the amino ạy̰sڈz produce the sulphur gas with the estrogen of the mouth, which makes the breath stink.