An advise for those attending or planing to attend London Clinical Courses

An advise for those attending or planing to attend London Clinical Courses.

I want to warn people of London Clinical courses. I would really not go in to the very details of it but just a brief to the people attending or planning to attend the course in that academy.

  1. The course is more about mocking other academies rather than focusing more on their own content, because thy don’t have any solid content to offer. All they offer are few powerpoint presentation which at time, talk about old cases
  2. The course looks an attraction for someone who can’t go and stay in UK to attend academies due to multiple reasons. I took the course mainly because of that reason. It was a 5-day course which was not enough to cover content of whole plab 2. I would suggest people to look for other available options which other academies offer like online classes if you really need to choose this path.
  3. There is a continuous push by the facilitator during the course to give positive feedback about the course which actually is not true at may time. You will get a 10 minutes lecture the following day if you don’t post one. So most of the reviews are coercion rather than the reality.
  4. The facilitator forbids to practice with people from other academies which actually is not possible as only a handful of people attend this academy. Also, since they don’t provide any readable content and for that people find it difficult to practice. It’s more like fighting a match blindfolded.
  5. Worst part. They don’t offer any practice sites. The only time you get to see the mannequins are in the classes. After that you’re on your own.
  6. They also don’t offer any mocks. They claim to offer pre-test and post-test mocks which is nothing but class practice where you sit in front of the class and do a station during the course
  7. The academy offered a cash back policy clearly stating, “Candidates who fail the Plab 2 exam will be offered a full cash back and there will be no terms and conditions attached”. When asked about the refund initially the facilitator tried to beat the bush by pointing the blame on the candidate. And when confronted with the facts, they would refer to the policy which has been changed now. In short, the intent of the academy is to make money by lying and deceit.
  8. Only batch 1 of the academy had enough success rate to brag about. The succeeding batches had a very poor success rate. The batch I attended was the 4th course of LCC though the facilitator claims that he has trained 1000s of doctors which seems a puzzle to me itself.
    These is my experience which I wanted to share. The point is not to put a bad name to any academy but to show what exactly this academy is all about. Failing or passing an exam is not something which bothers me but the way a game is played matters the most. I hope this message be an eye opener for the scams going around for PLAB exam and also way to improve the future course content.