Analysis of the Membrane Proteins in Human Serum

Membrane proteins (MPs) play a central role in cellular and physiological processes. They are essential mediators of material and information between cells, intracellular compartments and organ systems. Their functions include: active and passive transport of molecules into and out of cells and organelles,transduction of energy among various forms, reception and transduction of chemical and electrical signals across membranes. Functionally intact #MPs are vital to health and specific defects therein are associated with many known #humandiseases, i.e. heart disease, type 2 diabetes, #cysticfibrosis. Beside, MPs are the targets of a large number of pharmacologically and toxicologically active substances, and are directly involved in their uptake, metabolism, and clearance. Hence, study on membrane proteins can help in not only understanding about pathological mechanisms of disease, development of diagnostic methods but also drug discovery.