Anyone who graduated from china, please let me know if you have done EPIC verification

Yes, I managed to do it. You’re welcome to ask me any questions. Generally EPIC ECFMG only accept the chinese version of the degree with a translation that is done by a recognised translation company. I had my degree, transcript and internship certificate verified although for GMC only degree is necessary. It took about a month to do but I knew the department responsible for the verification at my university, so I could follow up directly and remind them. Also, before I left China after graduation, I had informed the university department that I would be applying for the verification and asked whether there was anything extra they required from me and they just wanted to know what documents I was having verified. Process was very smooth to be honest.

Hii…while doing the EPIC verification, what should we write as the licensure body? For egs,if we r registered in home country other than China,should we write MCI or chinese medical council?