Being from Tamilnadu... can v possibly survive in westbengal?

Being from Tamilnadu… can v possibly survive in westbengal? With knowing hindi and english? Docs from west bengal genuine reply plz

When you reach the bridge , you will cross it .

Learning a language is not a big deal , as far as you are in clinical side , you will learn the language within a short duration .

I have survived an year so far , but still didn’t learn the language , because I have been managing without it . But you must know English and a bit of Hindi …

Learning a new language need not be done perfectly - from a book or something or learning to read and write it. When you join seat in a new state, I would recommend taking an effort to try and learn that language.

It gives you better rapport with the patients and you would feel more at home.

It is alright if you don’t know already. What matters is you try to speak it after you join. Learn some basic words, greetings. It is always wonderful to learn a new language