Best Vitamins For Healthy Nails

Best Vitamins For Healthy Nails.

Nails color and condition are often an indication of your overall health. White bands on nails occur due to deficiency of proteins and lack of calcium and vitamin A would make them brittle and dry. If on keeping your nails long, they tend to sag (called hang nails), it indicates that your body is deficient of vitamin C. Thus you can see that nails are a reflection of your general health. Healthy nails is impossible without a healthy lifestyle and diet. In fact whenever someone would ask me ‘How to get stronger Nails’, I would answer with ‘What are you eating’. You can take care of your nails all you want, but if you do not supply them with what they need through food, they will never grow strong!
To strengthen your nails try to eat products with
-vitamin A, such as liver, butter, carrot, tomatoes and fresh greens.
To digest proteins and stimulates nails growth try to eat products with
-vitamin B, You can find it in following foods: egg yolk, ale yeast and germinated wheat grains.
one of the major nail building elements is
-Coalcium so don’t avoid dairy products, avocado, and different kinds of cabbage.
. You should refuse from drinking a lot of coffee because it contributes to poor absorption of calcium by the stomack. You had better drink green tea instead.

is one of the minerals closely linked to good nail health and helping brittle nails. One of the most iron-rich foods you can get isChicken liver,alongside clams, mussels, and other liver dishes.

-iodine has to be on your table not only during dinners in fancy restaurants. You can find it in following foods:Spinach and sea wheat.

-Vitamin E is also good for your nails health. It is contained innuts, vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, peanuts, peanut butter, mangos, olive oil and fortified cereals.

-Silicium - also helps our nails to look healthy,You can find it in vegetables.

-sulphur is essential for forming nail plate therefore don’t miss cabbages, onions and cucumbers.