Better give lateral entry to clerks for politician

Better give lateral entry to clerks for politician …

No fees regulation? Is that for private institutions or even govt ones?

If this goes on Quality of medical field in India may take a dip

Lateral entry in parliament

Plumber Electrician ITI graduatees ko Bhi Karva do lateral Entry

I think it’s becoming a medical school rather than college where the select grips in 10 th std and 12 th std

I think government is not clear about what exactly they want to do with this MBBS course, on one hand they are raising the bar for proper MBBS docs with NEXT, on other hand they are diluting the competition by allowing lateral entry into MBBS from other courses, I think their single point agenda is to create more trouble for MBBS docs from all directions.

After all these …. I still don’t understand why government is partial to FMGS 😂😂😂 bechare… unka tho alag he dukh hey

Its time to get lateral entry into nursing and dental

I bet nobody is going to study from now onn…(…even in +1 +2)

According to govt any one can do mbbs to fill the seats and giving money to colleges…but only few can qualify…one shot two birds😆

Ward boy, swiper, clerk,peon hya pan deun taka entery taka ekada chya te sarvna

The glory of med profession met with an insidious demise

Why only nurses and dentist? Allow lateral entry for ASHA, ward boy and ecg technicians… everyone deserves a chance

Yes yes…include ward boys and cleaners also

Since they always worked inside wards and ots… they have acquired all the skills and brains by genetic mutations

I think you got your dental RCT and extraction and maxillofacial facial surgery from cleaners itself

well sir m lucky enough that I never had those surgeries u have mentioned…happy with whatever god has gifted😀😀

Btw why r u offended…🤔🤔 r u a ward boy turned doctor??

no dear but I think you was a cleaner who accidentally became doctor

some surgery HOD also teach nurses and OT boys and humiliate junior resident