Boycott NMC nominations & nominees!

Boycott NMC nominations & nominees !!!

I am surprised that nominations for NMC are started and instead of protesting against the nominations few of our colleagues are sharing the congratulatory messages.
Lakhs of medicos who fought tooth & nail against the draconian act are feeling cheated over the celebration of few of our colleagues who got lucrative posts in National Medical Commission.
I request all of you to remember all these NMC nominees forever, these are the people who made large bids on your efforts & got biggest rewards for backstabbing their fraternity. They sold their medical education & profession for small benefits.
Our profession can never regain their dignity till we have stooges like them who are ready to sell everything to please their masters. We must recognise them and find ways to tackle them during our future fights if truly willing to win against this draconian anti people anti poor NMC act


No one can be less united than Indian doctors