Bryan tumor, Be careful of such symptoms!

Bryan tumor,
Be careful of such symptoms!

A brain tumor comes to existence in the brain or the breeding of abnormal sales that will be collected near it. The brain can form any sale of execution or tumor, so the most important of the disease is the orbit. K Size, place and type.
If tumor is in such part of the brain that controls the eyes of a man, its a potential symbol can be blurred from the eyes but because tumor can be in any part of the brain so it would be difficult to guess How many of these symptoms are due to bren tumor. Still there are some symptoms that you should be careful of.

Get tour
Its first symbol appears in the form of tour. No connection with the tumor of these visits. Tumor is the cause of inflammation in the brain and encourage the mind to destroy the brain. Like this, the body is abnormal. It looks like a tour of tour. These trips are also many types that either affect the whole body or create the form of aftershocks in some parts.

Permanent pain in the head
Only the pain in the head is not the first symbol of Bryan, but if you have permanent pain in your head, it should be cautious. The pain that is due to bren tumor is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who The intensity is desperately. Remember! No one is a special person who does not indicate the pain of pain but need to be focused on the pain that does not end in spite of all the treatment.

Blind or deaf pin hunt to be
The brain can also be the weakness of dull pin or sight in front of the eyes. It must be necessary to see the eyes of the eyes so that they can know the increase in these symptoms. This is how if you feel the ear. Whether you are heard or deaf, it can be a sign of the potential symptoms of the tumor.

Being a change in the memory or in nature
Due to bren tumor, the brain frnٹy̰l lobe (who is responsible for the style of human beings) is to apply or inflammation. This is why the change is created in nature. and the patient depression, anger and the victim of whether ḵy̰fy̰ỷt Too. His mind is upset or doesn’t remember him at all time.

Feeling weakness or cheap
The tumor that gets breeding on motor cortex is the cause of weakness or cheap. The right side of the motor cortex controls the right part of the body and the left side of the body. Here is the tumor of the tumor brain signals to other parts of the body. There is a hurdle in going, so these parts of the body can’t work according to their routine.

Don’t maintain balance
The tumor in seri by̰lm affects the ability to move the body. Its easy example to walk on one side of the body. The work of seri by̰lm is to maintain the balance of the body. That’s why if the tumor is here But he will not perform his work.
So you should also take care of these changes that are in the body. If this kind of symptoms in the body are shown again, contact the good physician immediately.