Can a virus treat with antibiotics? If no why, if yes which antibiotic

Can a virus treat with antibiotics? If no why, if yes which antibiotic

I don’t understand, put it in a way that I will understand sir

No: the mechanism of viral replication defers from that of Bactria. Also the mechanism of action of antibiotic defer anti viral drug. Virus has no cell wall, thus cell wall inhitor of most antibiotics will achieve nothing in viral disease

Antibiotics are used to treat infections caused by bacteria and, as a rule, they are not used to treat viral infections, because they simply do not work on viruses. And yet it happens that antibiotics are used in the course of the disease caused by viruses. However, these are specific situations.
Antibiotics are not used to treat so-called common colds, or common respiratory infections that are most often caused by viruses (currently around 200 different “cold” viruses are known, such as rhinoviruses, adenoviruses or coronaviruses). For the same reason, antibiotics are also not used to treat influenza. I think I have helped.

No “” b/c of This Drugs are work The Outside of The Cells B/c of Bacteria Always Live The Extracellular where’ Virus Live The intracellular inside of the Cell '!!!

No, becoz antibiotics majorly hv MOA of cell wall , folate ,protein synthesis inhibition of which viruses dont hv all dat hence they cant work.
Antiviral agents are de ones that work on viruses

Most times antibiotics are used in viral infection, not as to treat the viral disease per say but yo prevent secondary infection by bacteria

We only give specific AntiBiotic for specific Bacterial infection not every AntiBiotic can be given to every bact-infection, so the thing here is about viruses so some AntiBiotic are used to slow down or inhibit the growth of the viruses but can’t be treated fully Because we have vaccination for viruses that’s it

NO cox antibiotic act on bacteria and when use 4 viral it will a cell to be dead one…

Antibiotics can specifically be used to cure/treat bacterial infections and in some cases treat primary viral infections in order to stop or slow down the rate of replication of virus in the body

Read about the classification of viruses am pretty sure you’ll find what your searching for