Centre for stapedial reflex

1.Centre for stapedial reflex

a) Superior olivary
b) Lateral lemniscus
c) Inferior colliculus
d) Medial geniculate body

2.Relations of left ureter a/e

a) Sigmoid Mesentry
b) Bifurcation of common iliac artery
c) Quadratus lumborum
d) Gonadal vessel

3.Muscle with parallel fibres a/e

a) Sartorius
b) Rectus abdominis
c) Sterno-cleidomastoid
d) Tibialis anterior

4.Anterior 2/3rd of the tongue demarcated by

a) Passavant’s ridge
b) Circumvallate papillae
c) Sulcus terminalis
d) Filiform papillae