Condition of few doctor is if govt and NMC will take NEETPG2023

Condition of few doctor is if govt and NMC will take NEETPG2023 in August they will say give exam in August.May be many time postponement was useless but I think postponement of NEETPG 2022 by 1 or 2 month is is all mistake of government and can neetpg 2021 counselling and neetpg 2022 together is justified.Doctors want make other doctors football of government

There’s no need to postpone this exam. All they have to do is extend the inclusion criteria for internship by 1 or 2 months.

say if internship criteria extend till July or August…Till the time internship is not finished how come they start councelling

Then What’s the point in conducting exam in March and councelling in July or aug?

Was it the mistake of the govt or the court that aspirants didn’t want to take the exam in April for the fear of covid?

Or was it the fault of the govt of SC that people decided to sign a PIL which was inevitably destined to fail and got the counselling postponed?

The SC always takes months to give verdicts. If anyone was filing a case in oct/ nov he should have known that the outcome will not come before the next year.

Neet pg 2022 is happening on schedule rather a bit late coz usually it is held in Jan. Why should that be delayed to accomodate the previous counselling?

It would cause a viscious cycle of shortage of doctors in residency. The piggyback counselling is happening to fill an existent void of residents.

It’s really nonsense dude … We r waiting to exam happen since long time … Plz don’t ruine… instead of making exam delay u should fight for conducting exam twice a year … so people like u can wait for next exam , and people like us can give earliest exam …

It’s all pIL. Gange mistake … they want postponement for every exam … It’s better u guys don’t give exam and prepare yourself for next exam

There are so many people waiting for exam to happen dude … they r preparing from last 1 year … just bcz u r not prepared doesn’t mean exam should get postponed