Courtsey dr nishant sir

courtsey dr nishant sir…

My response to the current practice of belittling of ‘MBBS Qualifications’ by my own colleagues from the medical fraternity.

I have been reading multiple posts on MBBS Vs Specialists!

I am an orthopaedic surgeon.

But the qualification I value most is my Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery,

The MBBS qualification.

Because that’s where I derive my identity from.

I often keep hearing,

“Are wo to simple MBBS hai”

What the F…K?

Was MBBS so simple?

Did I get into a medical college so easily ?

Was passing my every professional university exam , spending sleepless nights preparing for the next day’s part/items/exams,

Jostling with many others standing for hours on my toes trying to catch a glimpse of a case, specimen so easy ?

Bloody, feet would turn numb, brain stopped working , heart kept pounding on the mornings of an anatomy, biochemistry and medicine exam !

During internship spent many sleepless nights attending to seriously sick in a medicine or paediatric department ,

didn’t we?

Then how come MBBS has degenerated into

’ Simple MBBS’?

Have you ever heard a techie qualifying his BTech as ‘simple’ or a lawyer describing his LLB as ‘simple’ ?

Next time you hear anyone talking of our most prized possessions, ‘The MBBS degree ‘ , so casually, beat the bloody shit out of him.

Either he has got into MBBS by bribing, setting and passed like Munna bhai or the bugger has become too arrogant , mentally dumb or demented !

My speciality qualifications have added to my knowledge, made me competent in one of the numerous facets of the beautiful world of medicine, however what has made me who I am, given a meaning and direction to my life and an identity to take pride in ,

is the qualification MBBS.

I have earned my MBBS degree with my sweat and blood.

Don’t you use an adjective like

’ simple’ before it.

Wow… now that’s a great post. Every word is true and direct dil de.

Universally its the most difficult curriculum and those who are able yo sail through it are resl achievers. It makes a solid foundation on which futher storeys of the building can be easily constructed

I would like to ask sir how many years of your life have you practised with a sole mbbs degree??

Doesn’t matter , there are still physicians outside who practice with MBBS degree .

।।donot worry I am one of them… And that’s why I know the treatment meted out to them.

Loved your write up sir,so thanks for this wonderful acknowledgement,we need more doctors like this attitude who do not belittle their juniors and profession in public.Thanks
Dr Nishant Ranjan

Awesome post… the greatest enemy of our medical fraternity is we ourself …how we can we expect people to respect us… many will agree a ward boy is more respected than an intern

because they deserve. U urself will agree with ur statement once u meet a proficient nurse. The only thing in our profession that counts is experience expericence experience.