DM after MD in the future?

DM after MD in the future? Like how PG has become after MBBS… I’m from a third tier City… I’m having this doubt as now itself I’m seeing 70% of seniors I know opting for DM after MD… Is it because of passion or It’ll become a need in future?

I know Person-A who always wanted to be a surgeon but took dermatology just because he gota 3 digit rank.

I know Person-B who took pathology after getting a 3K rank.

Person-A is miserable. Person-B is happy. And both are in this group. 😅

Take up a subject which you like. If you modify your interests for “external” factors, there is high chance that you’ll end up regretting it. And also waste a seat for someone else in case you leave that seat.

If you choose a subject which you love, you won’t feel bad waking up in the morning.