“myths” about DNB…

    Applying to super-specialty courses and employment in medical colleges (pvt and govt)?
    In 2012 MCI amended its rules did the “equivalence” for MEDICAL COLLEGE EMPLOYMENT (Lecturer and further) and ADMISSION INTO SUPER-SPECIALTY COURSES (DM, MCh). Here’s the link for more info -


  • Teaching?
    Be it DNB or MS/MD “teaching” is mainly going to be “classes/seminars”. You will end up learning from some seniors and on your own by seeing patients. Don’t expect to be spoon-fed in any postgraduate course; so in that aspect there wouldn’t be much difference between MS/MD and DNB. Of course ppl who like teaching will teach any student - be it MS/MD or DNB.

  • Which field/branch is good for DNB?
    MEDICAL SPECIALTIES: For (Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Radio): DNB is a good option; the training hospital has to have a good patient load; usually since there are private hospitals they will have the latest equipment and consultants (teachers) who will be well versed in interpretation of diagnostic instruments and their usage. Also training in such hospitals will keep u in touch with the latest and will help in further private practice/institutional practice also.
    BOTTOMLINE: You will be reasonably confident to practice independently after “medical” DNB course.

SURGICAL SPECIALTIES: For (general surgery, orthopedics, OBG, ENT) : here the hospital has to have a very large surgical load with “DNB students” getting enough chances to do surgeries; Unfortunately “surgery” cannot be learnt later in life; your diagnostic skills in medicine/paeds may improve later and u can still continue with your practice; BUT your surgical skills have to be “bang on target” from your first independent case.
Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, and OBG - There are some excellent independent specialty hospitals where training and surgical load is good. If you train in such hospitals it is beneficial.

  • Which DNB hospital to choose?
    NO ONE is going to help you here - u will have to find out for yourself /or thru colleagues/seniors/any other source).
    I believe, in some institutes, DNB students are reduced to data entry computer operators for a good part of their training - you obviously want to AVOID such institutes.


  • Which is better - primary DNB or diploma (like DCh, DOMS, D.ortho) plus DNB?
    My personal opinion is that primary DNB = 3 years
    Diploma + DNB = 4 years (plus the trauma of preparing for post diploma DNB CET and intervening time wastage).
    Obviously for post diploma DNB also - u will want to join a “good” institute; so why not join the same “good” institute for primary DNB?

  • DNB in good hospital OR MD/MS in peripheral and average hospital ?
    I would say DNB in “excellent” hospital since - after 3 years of MD/MS - if your DNB colleague is better than you (from an average peripheral medical college) - that’s not a good confidence builder for practice.
    So - is MD/MS in average/peripheral hospital not worth doing - NO, go ahead and certainly do it if u have it available - follow it up with “training” urself post MD/MS under someone and soon u’ll be on par with others.

  • DNB Six year course?
    Please refer to surgical specialty above - 6 years is a long time and u want to be 100% sure that u r not wasting these 6 years (most 6 yr courses are surgical - CTVS, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, paed. surgery etc…).


  • Passing DNB ???
    DNB has got a reputation of having “lower” pass rates compared to MD/MS -
    Neither the candidate will know who the examiner is NOR will the examiner know who the candidate is or from which institute.
    For MD/MS - internal examiners who have known u for 3 years are there to help you, cases usually are known before and exam is held in familiar surroundings. BUT if your basic clinical skills are correct, taking an exam in Tokyo and facing and examiner from Africa should NOT be a problem.


  • Are DNB students better OR MD/MS students better?
    A PG student can have vast knowledge in any course provided he/she wants to study. However since DNB is a/w the fear of ‘failing’ - maybe these students tend to study more and prepare more… Also because some DNB institutes are “excellent centres of learning/teaching” - maybe these students’ knowledge maybe better…….Again some MD/MS centres may have excellent patient load with adequate surgical training….so they maybe better…ultimately if you have the interest in learning and the desire to excel - you WILL do better in either of these!

  • Does DNB or MD/MS matter at all in private practice / hospital practice?
    I feel “No”…ultimately patient will NOT see ur degree - rather ur approach , treatment, communication skills matter more.

U can go through interviews of DNB students at various DNB hospitals and last 2yrs cut off at www.freeassociation.in