Do you think that MBBS will lose craze around 2025 in India?

Do you think that MBBS will lose craze around 2025 in India? As more number of MBBS seats are being added up every year.

Ans. by Dr. Nimisha Srivatsava on Quora.

"Yes of course… craze is already lost. But not because of increasing seats. It’s beause of improper input and output ratio that has been put in. The amount of hardwork, time, money and life they put in is very miser in comparison to what they get.

I remember the day I opted biology in my 11th standard. Along with me only 4–5 people were there in a batch of 240 students. Among them only 2–3 manged to get MBBS seat.

When I started I thought being a Doctor is something very respectful and a good earning will be there. (To be frank).

But by the time I completed my MBBS it was almost 6 years the whole thought was changed. There were frequent stories of doctors being beaten up by public, there were more scams such as the vyapam scam, the neet PG scam and lots more. In the society now doctors are considered the shopkeepers of medical knowledge, where patients come and buy it…they often bargain or even demand it free. Doctors came under consumers act and that’s how the person who was earlier known as GOD turned to be a BUSINESSMAN!! Now he has to prescribe investigations even if he is quite sure about his diagnosis to make himself safe if later someone alleges. This was about respect.

Now talking about earnings. People usually think the doctors constitute the rich strata of the society. Yes I agree they do. But when???

When there whole youth is almost gone. Even in the coming years of their life they are unable to enjoy their hard earned money themselves.

N nowadays MBBS which is almost a 6 year task is not considered ample to treat a patient. The society wants a Superspecialist only!!! A patient with cough wants to go the Pulmonologist… the one with abdominal pain wants to go the Gasteroenterologist and so on… so even after 6 years of rigorous training and may be some years of drops (which are too frequent in this profession) you are still not considered worthy to treat.

So here comes the need of PG. The real TEST of doctor’s life. By this time all ur friends have started earning… some of them may be married or may be having kids. But u feel like u r again back to 12th standard. Again starting with all the coaching… conpetetive exams…n all. Those bouts of failing and then again preparing for the next term becomes a routine. On top of it if you have signed a rural service bond either you have to do it or u have to pay for it. Another things which used to come to my mind those days was … “while my other friends started their careers from big cities… we start it from interiors of the village” .

Anyways those days also pass. Then…after true efforts u grab a pg seat and full of enthusiasm come the actual playground. Here comes the actual devil of the medicine career!!! “PG 1st Year”

I don’t think anyone in this planet works more than a pg 1st year. He is put under pressure of all the authorities higher to him. (And almost all are higher to him) he works physically as well as mentally. He works day n night sometimes may be without food, sleep and it may even turn to scarcity of water. They are no Sundays, no holidays on festivals only causual leaves which nobody will sanction u unless n untill u plead or just run away leaving the application behind. Although there is a mention of strict working hours OF PG RESIDENTS from MOHFW of not exceeding 48hrs of duty per week and not more than 12 hrs continuous duty but still no administration cares. After all the DOCTORS should keep in mind that they r serving humanity …but what about the Humanity that should be bestowed on them!!! Even if u try to fight for ur rights and think of something like strike … there is ESMA!! You will be left with false promises!!

All this almost costs you almost 10 years of ur life. By the time ur friends from other professions would have even got 2–3 promotions. And what u have in hand only FRUSTRATIONS!!!

In the whole story above I forgot to mention about the money u put in. Even if u take admission in government college don’t think it will be too easy. UG fees has reached upto 40–50K per annum and PG fees around 60–80K per annum. Private medical colleges deals start with minimum of 15–20 lakhs and reaching above crores.

Now with so much of Problems in almost each n everything in medical career….who you think would like to pursue it ??!!"

Cases of violence against doctors are increasing day by day. NMC provisions are now also making it less attractive!