Don’t Become A Doctor Now

Don’t Become A Doctor Now

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

A doctor couple- long time friends- called yesterday, late night, quite disturbed.

“We are not sure if our son should pursue medicine. He is so full of life and brilliant, wants to become a doctor. Somehow we are not sure whether he should live the life we are living right now “.

They are both quite successful practitioners respected all over their large city. Knowing fully well what they meant, I still posed a personal question: “What kind of a life you live now, that you don’t want your son to have?”

There was an awkward pause.

The wife was direct- “Rajas, we haven’t had good smiling 24 hours at a stretch for over a decade now. We are okay financially, but there’s no peace or even the mindset capable of enjoyment, distraction or happiness. Being a caring doctor is worse addiction than that of social media “. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande

“People tell us to reduce work hours, to cut off, people who have zero idea that an admitted patient cannot be off our minds for even a second. The fear of mistakes is normal for every doctor in the world, but the fear for safety of one’s own life is worst in India- where even if there’s no mistake you are beaten up and that is justified by our own society “.

The husband mustered courage to speak: “This is embarrassing to admit, but we don’t have any life outside of being a doctor. We cannot enjoy anything with all our heart, as something serious is always happening around. The reward - satisfaction of saving lives- appears too bland a reason to continue to be at the receiving end of all the flak, especially the allegations of working only for money”.

There was nothing wrong in what they had just said.

We are a society rich with hypocrites who sing patriotic songs aboard a sinking ship instead of plugging the holes in it, or beat up drums of self praise in front of a burning house for bringing a drop of water, instead of saving those inside that house. Positive outlook, you know!

The situation of Medical professionals in India is pathetic at present and no amount of pseudoism is bringing back the positivity they had- saving lives-

because it is now deemed a purely ‘commercial effort’. As thousands of junior doctors face exploitation with a dark future due to lost years and academics, there are no solutions in sight for relieving their concerns.

Add to this many stupids who misuse their influence upon unsuspecting, illiterate masses to defame a branch of scientific practice- and the friends from other pathies who never criticise the bad in their own pathy, as if only Allopathy had money-minded bad doctors and hospitals. I have never seen any other streams critical of their own villains.

Coming back, I advised my friends something that would be equally disturbing for myself, if I were a parent of an aspiring doctor in India. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande

“Let your child choose what can give him the best in life-happiness, romance, togetherness with his friends and family, looking after his own health by eating and sleeping well. He can still help the society whichever career he chooses, but he will at least save himself from the suffering, bitterness and violence that he doesn’t deserve .”

“Then he shouldn’t be a doctor” said his mom, “I can accept any hardships and pain, I can accept a complete destruction of his youth for studying, but I can never accept my son being attacked by violent idiots, and then told by our own society, leaders and law to accept that as a part of his duty “.

With a heavy heart, we cut off. As much as every patient deserves a good life and a great medical service, every doctor too deserves the best life, health, safety and reward. When our society learns this, I will start advising young generations of brilliant students to become doctor again- to save lives without fear, and to practice medicine with a smile in their heart.

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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Dedicated to all Indian Doctors