Dr. Gustavo Rosas's USMLE Step 1 Experience. He explains how he prepared for it as an IMG

Preparation time like 12 months.
Books: FA (my MAIN and most useful book in my test), UWORLD 2016 OFFLINE (trust me you can
use a cronometer instead of uworld online but everybody has their preferences), kaplan just for
genetics and PATHOMA (very good concise book).
TIP: If your basics are quite well, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON KAPLAN.
I started reading FA along with my classes, then when I finished each block (lets say cardio) I used
uworld of cardio only and make notes on FA and so one.
One I had all my important notes from uworld I REREAD a lot of times FA and UWORLD lets say
like 6.
Then I read PATHOMA BOOK, making notes to FA as well.
Again, RE READ FA along with pathoma notes and uworld but don’t be lazy, READ FA WELL!!! IT IS
And again I reread like 4 more times FA and UWORLD AND PATHOMA and so on.