Due to the medicine of Japan's flu, the patients of corona virus have been clear, China claims

Due to the medicine of Japan’s flu, the patients of corona virus have been clear, China claims

  • people affected by Corona virus when they were given the medicine for influenza named influenza, then they became healthy after 4 days, Chinese officials.

  • Not effective for highly affected patients from dwạḵwrwnạ: Japanese authorities

Chinese authorities say that Japanese medicine used for the treatment of flu has helped a lot in the treatment of corona virus. According to Japanese media, a high officials of China’s ministry of science and technology, sẖin min has claimed that the flu The medicine which is used in the market is very effective in the treatment of people affected by the corona.
Chinese officials say that 340 people of China’s city wuhan and province sẖinzn have researched this medicine which has resulted in very motivational results.

According to min min, people affected by Corona virus, when they were given the medicine for influenza flu, on an average of 4 days, they became healthy when other patients took 11 days to heal.

According to the report, 91 % of those who were given this medicine were seen clearly in the condition of the lung in the report of the lung, when the 62 % of those who did not get this medicine were improved. .

Another experience in wuhan revealed that this medicine has ended in a 4-day period of fever in the patients, when it was the average of 4 days of fever in the other patients without an ạy̰wy̰gn. This is how the medicine is. The use of a cough in the patients of corona patients has also decreased soon. The Chinese authorities say that the patients who have been given the medicine named ạy̰wy̰gn are only 8 % of the patients of the patients with artificial equipment breathing (oxygen machine) ) needed when 17 % of patients without medicine had to slip the oxygen machine.

The Japanese company has refused to comment on this claim of Chinese officials, think that the company has made this medicine in 2014 and it is under the use of corona patients in Japan since last month. However, according to the ministry of health Japan, this medicine is not so effective for the patients who are highly affected by the corona.

It is thought that the number of patients in the world including China has been 2 LAKH 6 thousand 900, when the overall killings have crossed 8 thousand.
Scientists from all over the world are trying to prepare for the vaccine of the deadly corona virus, the experience of experimental vaccine of corona virus in the United States is started on humans. Before this, Australia and Israel experts have also claimed. That they are close to preparing a corona virus vaccine. The doctors in Thailand had claimed last month that a 71-Year-old Chinese lady affected by the corona was the early success by mixing the medicine for a 71-Year-old Chinese woman. The doctors said that after 48 hours of medicine they got very excited results and the result was negative.