Easy ways to identify red watermelon

Easy ways to identify red watermelon

Ạḵtẖrạwqạt you will guess it to be sweet while purchasing watermelon, but even after that watermelon comes out, it’s fun but it’s fun but to solve this difficulty of yours. Easy ways to identify sweet watermelon.
The regular use of watermelon makes your skin beautiful and bright but the most of them loves the taste when watermelon is sweet and ripe.

1: same gold and smooth fruit
Think that watermelon is with smooth and equal gold, and there is no special sign on it, cut mark and from anywhere. These signs and gẖy̰r ہ mwạr level means that the watermelon may be that the watermelon is well done during the growth. Not found which means fruit is not completely baked. These marks may also mean that watermelon could not find a good amount of water during the cultivation.

2: find out weight
Pick up the watermelon in your hand and calm that his weight should be more than his biceps. For this you can also compare the other watermelon of the same size. Now the watermelon that is heavy will be sweet and ready. This rule can also be tested for other fruits.

3: find yellow spot
Watermelons are placed on the earth and drink there, but the part that touches the earth can be light or very deep yellow. It is also called field spot. It does not reach the sun in this part is not completely green but light And the deep yellow must be. That is why this spot will be as sweet as sweet.

4: color identity
The Color of watermelon should be deep but less shining means b ھ dy̰. It should consider another sign of sweet fruit.