Eczema ((nice guidelines))

ECZEMA ((NICE GUIDELINES)) :radioactive:

:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:Topical corticosteroids​:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

:recycle:Benefits outweigh possible harms when applied correctly.

:recycle:Should only be applied to areas of active atopic eczema (or active in the past 48 hours included areas of broken skin)

:recycle: Application only once or twice daily.

:recycle:Tailoring treatment​:recycle:

:point_right:Tailor the potency of topical corticosteroids to the severity of the child’s atopic eczema.

:point_right:Severity may vary according to body site.
:point_right:use mild potency for mild atopic eczema
:point_right:use moderate potency for moderate atopic eczema
:point_right:use potent for severe atopic eczema
:point_right:use mild potency for the face and neck
except for
1️⃣Short-term (3–5 days) moderate potency for severe flares.
2️⃣Short term (7–14 days)moderate or potent preparations for
vulnerable sites such as axillae and groin

:raised_hand:Do not use very potent preparations without dermatologist.

:point_right:Exclude 2ry bacterial or viral infection if a mild or moderately
potent topical corticosteroid has not controlled the atopic
eczema within 7–14 days.

:point_right:In ( 12 months or over) use potent topical corticosteroids not
longer than 14 days.

:point_right:If this ttt does not control the atopic eczema
1️⃣review the diagnosis
2️⃣refer for dermatologist

:point_right:Do not use potent topical corticosteroids on(face & neck)

:point_right:Two consecutive days per week topical steroid prevent flares,
in children with frequent flares (two or three per month).