Eligibility for inicet while doing dnb

Can you give INICET while doing dnb in some hospital ? Although ,Inicet asks you if you are doing pg somewhere else , it lets you complete registeration form if you mark yes.
What extra documents would be required for application? and furthermore for counselling etc?
Do you have tell your authority before giving exam or you can tell them if and when you may resign from dnb?

Yes ! Ofcourse you can give INICET.

There is no specific norm to inform or provide documents regarding your DNB while applying for INICET. However, it is advisable to mention in your application that you are currently pursuing DNB. This will help the selection committee understand your situation and make an informed decision about your application.

You may also want to provide supporting documentation, such as a letter from your DNB program director or a copy of your DNB transcript. This will help to verify your status and strengthen your application.

Hope this helps :blush: