Elsebey Notes (The nbest source for step 3)

My step 3 experience 240
First of all, this exam totally different from other exams;
Day 1: test your knowledge from step 1 to step 3 including ur medical school knowledge (best source: Cumulative knowledge + UW step 2 + FA)

Day 2: the management part needs someone practicing medicine not just studying it, so be reasonable while choosing the answer (best source: UW step 3 + UW IM)

Regarding exam component
Single question type: very easy, even easier than step 1, If u just read FA biostatistics part u will get all questions right
Drug abstract, ads: don’t bother urself with those questions, each block u will get one ad or abs with 2-3 questions try to solve the calculation part, for questions have no calculation if u r not good at stat like me just pick C (I got average in the exam by just putting C as an answer, I think it works for me. Total questions around 15 questions from 400 so it means nothing

CCS part
Here I would like to thank @Inka sanner without his help I would be lost
I just practiced it between day 1 and day 2
The best tool for CCS is crush CCS (Dont enter exam without it) but before reading it follow Inka protocol which will save alot of time while studying this part
then practice the UW interactive cases and read the practice cases one (don’t know anything about archer, didnt like grading system and 2 min screen of CCScases)

The MCQ part
I made a well organized notes based on MTB book combining concepts from UW step 2 + UW step 3 + UW IM (this q bank helped me a lot in the toughest question in the exam)

Assessment exam (after finishing writing my notes)
NBME 7 for step 2 15/7: 231
NBME 5 for step 3 19/7: 420 (215 acc to Mean 500 = 227, SD 100 = 15)
Revised them in 1 month with 2nd round UW scoring around 89%
Took Day 1 (2/9), Day 2 (9/9)
Real deal : 240
My scores 241/226/CS 1st attempts

Regarding My notes (Elsebey Notes) for 60$
My notes include MTB 2/3/IM + UW step 3 concepts updated till April 2022 + UW 2/ABIM concepts tested in step 3 + FA Micro/pharma/high yield topics
2000 pages = All sources in 1 organized source; less effort, more score, no other source needed, just UW step 3 online.
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