Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark

“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.”


is the next motivation .
A total example of hard work turned to success.

She explains her mindset and prepration stratergy in great details .
Which is definate elixir to future aspirants.

Here is her journey - .

In my first attempt of neet 2020 I got 408 rank, although it was according to some a preety decent rank, but was not upto my expectations, so i was not satisfied with it, which was key point for my further preparation, once u are satisfied with what u have then further continuation become little tough, self doubts, overthinking do occur once u dint get result which u wanted and its kind of failure on your part, but rather then getting trapped in this self doubt, overthinking, which definitely dont fetch anything rather than making u more weak and lessens ur confidence.

Instead of this we should be ready for another shot, forget about that day, think it was not ur day, ur day too will come, this restarting is really difficult, i have phased this situation so i can say as fast as u come out from those DABDA (elisabeth kubler ross) more productive u will become fast;

I started preparing for exams in my third year, till second year dint focus on exam i just used to read robbins and standard textbook which i really enjoyed reading,

then from third year some peer pressure do come for coaching and all so i also joined
. I am from MGM medical college indore, after my interneship i further continued my preparation from home (which is best place i can say becoz there is no place where u can get mental support like ur family memeber will give) so dont escape from home and settle to study at far off place other than home, but this thing is subjective too .
Basically i used to read alone, sometime in library sometime in my room, i did dams foundation course and marrow plan b and supplemented with some lectures from prepladder too ,i joined multiple facebook pages of different faculty which teach in different platform, its beneficial in a way that u remains in touch with 19 subject always whenever u open facebook in ur spare time i also joined telegram GROUP of different faculty .
i did final yr subjects in final yr and some second yr subject too like pharma path, forensic i just made notes in final yr ,first yr subject i made nites in final yr
but couldnt make it mindfully so again i have to make it in start of my internship, so in internship i started with first yr subject and subsequently did rests subjects , third yr subject i did fullY in third year only.
Marrow q bank was my prime source
But since I had emedicoz bank too so i did gyne and obs from there too.

I dint used reference book .

Did some que paper from manoj chaudhari sir .

Pdf of set of two three que paper was available in telegram groups did that only.

Test- marrow (GT SWT)every kind of test by marrow was reallly gold
Previous years did from marrow and emedicos .

There are some topic which teacher telll while teaching and which are known to b asked in central institutes.
I used to focus on that topic from very beginning.
Although i lagged some what in time but. Could manage it somehow.
I have heard that if u could complete pgi then half battle is done.
So when i completed paper i felt sigh of relief .
Dont overthink on options u dont know, this is one exam where u should not use ur guess work becauze it will only waste ur time rather mark what u know and move on becoz they ask soo many things in one question only .

Even if u mark 2 option in one que 500 options have been marked which is great deal.
But definitely if ur preparation for rest of exams have been good u can easily manage to mark 3 and even 4 option surely for some questions. , so this comes out to be 600-650 in toto , but do analyse paper and decide at that time only according to dificulty level.

With this strategy
I sejal kotwani
managed to get rank of 2 in PGI and 6 in AIIMS and 23 in JIPMER.


Thank you for sharing this amzing motivatio with us all.
This is definately a kick start to many students.

Best wishes to all.