Example of Apoptosis is?

Example of Apoptosis is?

  1. Councilman Bodies

  2. Gamma Gandy Body

  3. Russell bodies

  4. None


  • One of the murphological hallmark of apoptosis is the apoptotic body which is eosinophilic and may contain some karryorhectic nuclear bebris.
  • It is a result of shrinkage of cytoplasm and nuclear disruption.
  • First there is surface blebbing and margination of chromatin which is followed by cell shrinkage and breakup into smaller apoptotic bodies.
  • These apoptotic bodies are taken up by surrounding cells and digested.
  • Since the process was seen for a long time before the mechanism was understood, apoptotic bodies in particulasituations attracted specific names:
    1. Civatte bodies or colloid bodies in lichen planus.
    1. Kamino bodies in melanocytic lesions
    1. Councilman bodies in acute viral hepatitis
    1. Tingible bodies (founds in macrophages) in lymphoma
    1. Dunburn cells
    1. Satellite dyskeratotic cells
    1. Eosinophilic globules