Facial colliculus located at

Facial colliculus located at

1.Upper pons
2.Lower pons
4.Interpeduncular fossa


Lower Pons

a. Facial colliculus is a rounded elevation seen in the floor of 4th ventricle, at the posterior aspect of lower pons (A.).

b. It is raised due to the axons of facial nerve winding around the abducent nucleus.

c. There are 2 facial colliculi in the floor of fourth ventricle.

d. Mid brain (C.) shows 4 rounded elevations on its posterior aspect: 2 superior and 2 inferior colliculi.

e. Interpeduncular fossa (D.) shows 2 rounded elevations - mamillary bodies in it.

f. Medulla (B.) has 2 rounded elevations on the anterior aspect, called as the olives.