Few members of my family are continuously

Non academic post-
Few members of my family are continuously forcing me to get married to an IPS officer, I always have a dream to have a doctor life partner…but some people in family r not understanding that.Don’t know how to tackle with this situation.Due to uncertainty of counseling I feel so stucked at my home.I tried to find the job but unable to find it.

A lot of folks that clear CSE are art/science grads and I’m not demeaning them, but a physician might find it hard to get along with em. I for one would absolutely abhor getting married to someone in the public services, makes me wanna puke tbh. I’m prejudiced against em and think most of them are clueless bureaucrats with nothing to show for themselves save for an exam they gamed. I mean, these are the folks that are supposed to run things and see where they’ve got us. I’ve read quite a bit about the services, personal memoirs, interviews, the whole hog. Intellectual compatibility takes a serious hit if you’re stuck with someone like that. Turn down the guy, marry someone you like, one should marry for love and not prestige lest life becomes insufferably painful.

A lot of Indian parents ascribe a lot more value to security than happiness. It’s because they are stuck in the obsolete past, growing up as most did, deprived and desperate for a lifeline. So, they tend to be very risk averse and do not care for the finer things in life, things as love, passion, and purpose. You don’t owe your parents your happiness. Your job is to take care of them, the same as they did with you growing up. Do not let people run roughshod over you, parents aren’t infallible and can be pretty stupid a lot of times.